Today the term coaching is widely used and for this reason it is important to understand what coaching means and how a professional works in this field. 

The best known meaning of coaching is the sporting one. At its origins, in fact, coaching - born in the United States in the early 1970s - became known as a discipline linked to increasing the performance of athletes. 

Later used in large companies to improve the performance of their managers, this method has gradually extended its field of application to all areas of enhancement and potential for personal growth. Today it is recognised globally as an effective tool for achieving self-determined change/improvement goals in all areas of life. 

Coaching is therefore a solution-oriented personal development methodology, which emerges as a collaborative relationship (partnership) between the coach and the coachee, be it an individual (coach 1:1), a group (group coaching) or an organisation (team coaching). The coach facilitates the session by accompanying the client to reflect on his own values ​​and systems of thought, to enhance his resources, personal skills and competences, so as to identify not only his own goals, but also a road map to achieve them.

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