Wisdrome launched coaching services with the aim of helping co-managers and clients make positive and lasting changes in their professional lives, as well as in that of their company. In fact, coaching can help our collaborators and clients achieve their goals, build more self-confidence, increase their motivation and find a greater purpose in their business. Our coaching is focused on leadership development with the aim of improving managerial skills, acquiring clarity on personal and corporate values, identifying strategies for success.

Wisdrome offers three types of coaching to better adapt to the needs of its clients.

1:1 COACHING: These services are a unique coaching experience and customized. The coaching process begins with an initial assessment to understand the individual's current challenges and needs, then a coaching plan is drawn up outlining specific strategies and goals.

The coaching process typically begins with a conversation, allowing the coach and client to get to know each other and explore the topic to work together. This initial conversation helps set the stage for future coaching sessions, where specific goals and objectives can be discussed in more detail. The coach and client then work together to identify obstacles and develop strategies for success. The 1:1 sessions are customized according to the needs, skills and objectives of each individual, who takes responsibility through a plan to achieve concrete and realistic objectives.

A coaching relationship is built on mutual trust and respect, providing a safe and supportive space to share thoughts, feelings and dreams. Precisely for this reason, through coaching, individuals can gain a greater understanding of themselves and how to implement their ideas. In fact, coaching helps people discover their potential, helping them to create significant and lasting changes in their private and professional lives.

TEAM COACHING: Team coaching is a way effective in supporting teams in achieving desired results and objectives. This methodology uses a series of tools, techniques and approaches to help teams work better together, identify areas of strength and weakness, develop new role and responsibility management strategies and find spaces for reflection and training to improve performance.

Team coaching focuses on developing relationships between team members, building trust and understanding, and on creating a productive environment in which to work. Through coaching, the team can be better equipped to handle difficult situations, find creative solutions and realize their potential. Team coaching is also effective in helping the team identify and address conflicts, as well as develop strategies for working together in an environment that is increasingly diverse and multicultural. Additionally, coaching can help the team build resilience, improve morale, and create a sense of common purpose.

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