Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is an established and recognized concept as an added value in many companies, both public and private. It is not just a target, but an organizational approach that is changing the way professionals relate and express themselves in the world of work.

Companies considered inclusive and diversified are only those which, in addition to complying in force, actively promote gender plurality, ethnic and religious diversity, age and education, to mention a few salient features. Promoting DEI requires the implementation of different strategies and the adoption of specific tools, for example, company policies, talent management strategies and training opportunities based on diversity and inclusion.

A tool Coaching has proved to be essential in promoting the professional advancement of employees from underrepresented groups. DEI and coaching are closely related concepts. Coaching is the process of helping individuals and teams achieve their goals, improve their performance and develop their skills. DEI, on the other hand, is about creating a workplace culture that values ​​and respects people of all backgrounds and identities, and provides equal opportunity and support for all.

Within the broader scope of DEI, Wisdrome4Women provides coaching services aimed at developing female leadership for many reasons. Firstly, because women employees, managers and leaders always require special attention and support. Despite the massive awareness raised on diversity and inclusion issues, women still face unique challenges in their careers, such as gender discrimination, work-life balance, and the lack of female leadership role models to follow.

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Secondly, because the life & leadership coaching we provide helps women develop specific leadership skills, such as effective communication, time and resource management, delegation and mentoring, which are essential for managing a team or organization. It also helps professionals overcome self-imposed limits, breaking down unconscious blocks and increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

In identifying passions and career goals, coaching has proved invaluable in developing business plans. action, both for women looking for a change in their career and those eager to start an entrepreneurial activity. Additionally, coaching fosters a safe and supportive environment in which women can genuinely explore their own challenges and opportunities, receive constructive feedback, and develop their full potential as leaders.

Through our coaching journey 1 :1 or group, our clients acquire more awareness of their role in the company, also preparing to share their experiences through mentorship spaces and participation in company policies.

It is also a virtuous circle: the presence of women who exercise their leadership brings diversity and different perspectives to corporate decisions, contributing to greater creativity and innovation. Numerous studies show that organizations with a higher representation of women in leadership positions are more likely to achieve positive and successful results.

In summary, life & leadership coaching can help reduce gender discrimination and inspire the next generation of men and women leaders.

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