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Brand development and digital marketing

Put the customer at the center. Enhance your corporate and brand identity by sharing your core competencies and developing them according to the latest consumer trends. Build customer loyalty by inviting them on a journey into the universe of your values.

We have reconsidered the way to capture the customers’ attention, by placing them at the center of the value chain. We have thoroughly analysed the most interesting features of the product to create an offer that scientifically completes the needs of customers.


Wisdrome Customer Excellence


Invite the customer on a journey into your values

Brand Identity

We intervene to help you create or rethink the way your customers perceive your company and your products according to the levers of reputation, identity, and awareness.

Digital channel development

We analyse and rationalise your digital commercial channels or design new ones. We guarantee a system to manage and monitor them in real-time wherever and whenever you want.

Customer journey and centricity

We optimise the digital experience of your customers by analysing the processes, skills, and characteristics necessary to make your products glow.

Digital marketing campaigns

Grow your online sales with digital marketing campaigns tailored to the most important characteristics of your products. Increase sales by reaching new customers and retaining existing ones.

+ 35%

Customer conversion

+ 45%

Customer satisfaction

+ 25%

Customer loyalty

+ 55%

Brand reputation

A case of success

We worried we were not doing enough to communicate to the market the characteristics of our product and how much better it is than the one of our competitors. Wisdrome helped us refocus our marketing objectives and identify the strengths and weaknesses of our communication.

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How we have helped dozens of companies:

90% project success rate

+ 35% average increase in sales

+ 25% average increase in company efficiency

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