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Cost and process optimization

Inefficiencies hold back the growth of your company. Our experts constantly strive to find innovative solutions for operations management, significantly increasing margins, operational efficiency, and reputation with customers.

Reducing waste means increasing margins and increasing the business growth capacity in a sustainable way. Our agile management models help the client to increase their competitiveness to become the industry leader in the business of the future.


Wisdrome Finance & Control


Increase in profitability and competitiveness thanks to an agile management of your processes

Activity Based Costing

We maximise the margins of your business by analysing the profitability of your product or service and determining the "operating cost" of all business activities.

Optimization of working capital

We propose models for forecasting and managing working capital to ensure that you free up resources and always maintain sufficient cash flow to meet the needs of your business.

Pricing models

We maximise your revenues by developing a dynamic pricing strategy scientifically linked to all the costs of your business.

Analytical accounting

Overcome all the limitations of general accounting with innovative, personalised, and digital management control. Make economic and accurate assessments on the profitability of all your activities.

Project Business Planning

We develop an analytical Business Plan that allows you to evaluate the feasibility of your investments and projects in an easy, scientific, and less risky way.

Liquidity management

We develop a customised analysis model of your cash flow so that the production process is always balanced by a solid and dynamically managed operating capital.

Lean Management

Align your entire business along common projects and objectives, reducing waste, freeing up resources, and generating value.

Strategic sourcing

Together with our experts, develop your strategy to create supply channels at the lowest cost, lightening the entire administrative process and freeing up resources.

Services & Operations

Add services to your products or review the way you deliver services. Evaluate with us the potential of your company to identify new ways of generating value for your customers.

Organizational strategy and design

Rethink your way of doing business in a radical way. Restart from the strategy and build your new company structure with us, where skills and human resources are at the center.


Reduction of operating costs

+ 20%


+ 15%

Net income

+ 15%

Operating margins


Waste reduction


Total cost of supply

+ 25%

Services by product

+ 25%

Average value generated

A case of success

We have learned to structure corporate resources based on the demand for services that our company provides in the different months of the year. Wisdrome experts helped us to better measure costs and invest where return expectations were realistic and plausible. Today we adapt better to variable demand and have an excellent cost/benefit ratio.

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