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Discover the benefits of having high-level colleagues, customers, suppliers and experts together in one workspace


Alone or with the help of our experts all activities to develop your business.


Your company in an agile way, save time and hold all your activities under control


Contact us to make the most of your CRM. Find out how to get the best industry experts to help you adapt our tools to your needs

Create projects and tasks for your teams

Definisci scadenze e responsabili delle attività. I processi saranno chiari, automatizzati e semplici. Risparmia tempo ed aumenta la produttività

Involve your customers in specific projects

Manage your contacts in the cloud and quickly find who you are looking for. Connect projects and tasks to customers, leads, suppliers, partners and anyone who can drive growth to your business.

Plan sales digitally

Turn leads into customers, keep track of your team’s sales opportunities in endless pipelines and close deals quickly

Troubleshoot through tickets

Manage Customer Support by opening tickets to your team or receiving them directly from your customers to resolve requests.

Empower your team with industry experts

We are a selected network of co-managers and industry experts specialized in the implementation of ambitious business projects. Discover our growth services.

Increase your visibility

We have created an area where you can connect potential customers with the most innovative organizations. Our Network is their showcase.

Whoever you are, the solution is there.

Thanks to its simplicity, the Wisdrome Mokapen integrated solution is perfect for all types of businesses and professionals. All your collaborations in a single CRM platform. In the office or in smart working you will always be updated.

What our customers say

Mokapen CRM owes its success to teams like Wisdrome, one of the first Mokapen Certified Partners, who have truly adopted an innovative method for its projects and those of its customers. Thanks to their diffusion, CRM is no longer an unreachable tool!

Fulvio Catalano

CEO @ Mokapen

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