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Sales increase

Win the new market challenges. Wisdrome offers innovative solutions to design from scratch or transform your sales system. Our multi-industry experts are constantly working to develop digital and cost-effective services to increase, manage and control your sales in real-time.

With my research team, we have developed a digital, integrated, and easy-to-use reporting model. It facilitates high-potential customer management, daily sales planning, and graphical tracking of all sales activities.


Wisdrome Research & Development


Integrated Sales Approach: Structure, Team and Tools

Sales planning

We design reports for the daily planning and forecasting of your sales. Ideal for both SMEs that want to build their system from scratch and for large companies that want to evolve it.

Commercial network design and sales channels

Let's review your organisational structure together to improve your forecasting ability in setting and measuring new objectives in line with market trends. We equip your team with the most innovative tools to manage the entire sales process.

Strategic positioning of the product company

We evaluate the strategic positioning of your company and related products and services. We take care of expanding your current market, evaluating potential markets and strategies to access them.

Organic and paid digital marketing campaigns

We increase your sales by activating digital marketing channels. Reach new customers quickly and scientifically track your business growth.

+ 20%

Average sales increase

+ 65%

Accuracy of forecasts

+ 35%

Average customer conversion

+ 5%

Increase in current market share

A case of success

Our sales had not grown for 3 years and we realised that we were unable to organise and monitor the results of our agents in good time. With Wisdrome we have rethought and rationalised the sales sector by consolidating the structure, training the staff, and equipping them with a daily planning and reporting system that can be consulted from a smartphone. Finally, we have added new services to our products, positioning them exactly according to our customer groups. Sales have gone up and we have also reduced waste and environmental impact.

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How we have helped dozens of companies:

90% project success rate

+ 35% average increase in sales

+ 25% average increase in company efficiency

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