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Welcome to Wisdrome!

Our business model is based on collaboration, synergy, and the increase in shared value. We aspire to involve companies, associations, public and private entities that believe in combining resources and skills to compete in a rapidly evolving market subject to continuous external incentives. Many companies have already understood that collaborating is better than competing and that teaming up is the key to giving structure, solidity, and efficiency to the business over time, especially when developing innovative products and services.

The advantages

Being a partner of Wisdrome offers you the opportunity to expand your business in an agile, efficient, and cost-effective way. We provide expertise and experience of high-level managers who work in teams with your company or association, to give new value propositions to your customers, suppliers, credit institutions, and all stakeholders in your value chain in general.

Trade associations

We integrate the associations’ proprietary services in a targeted and synergistic way. We increase the overall value of the offer for its members.

Public institutions

We support the implementation of strategic decisions and provide timed external skills that work to achieve a specific goal.

Private institutions

We integrate managerial skills and support management bodies to implement their strategic decisions.


We efficiently and cost-effectively increase its portfolio of services and products, maximising the ability to meet customer needs.

SDA Bocconi

Wisdrome has established a partnership with SDA Bocconi in order to expand the training offer for its customers, collaborators, and anyone who wants to access innovative and constantly evolving training. Wisdrome offers the possibility to access SDA Bocconi online courses at advantageous conditions. Discover all the courses here.

Asseprim Confcommercio Milan

Wisdrome is a partner of the Confcommercio Start Pack project for aspiring and new entrepreneurs: we provide co-managers with proven experience to those who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship with structure and method, minimising risks and accompanying interested parties in a guided step-by-step process. Furthermore, Wisdrome offers services based on collaborative management to all associates at advantageous conditions.


Opyn is the main Italian platform where companies find credit. Our partnership is aimed at offering our customers the opportunity to finance their projects by combining access to credit with managerial support. Our formula for the agile and sustainable development of your business.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Wisdrome is a member of the GRI, an international organisation that develops guidelines for reporting on ESG sustainability. This partner guarantees our customers the development of clear sustainability and ecological transition paths in line with international standards.

Gruppo Imprese Parma (GIA)

GIA is an association that has been promoting collaboration between companies and entrepreneurs in the Parma area for more than 60 years. GIA has chosen Wisdrome to integrate the services they provide to their members, organise thematic webinars and provide the resources and benefits deriving from co-management.

Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato e della Piccola e Media Impresa Parma (CNA)

In line with the strategic partnership approach, CNA and Wisdrome synergistically collaborate to offer innovative services aimed at the development of SMEs and the local area: a distinctive and unique resource to be exploited in a strategic and sustainable view in order to increase shared value and to grow in a structural way.

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